Our QualityRewriting the rule book for new homes

Enzos Homes are known for quality; it helps explain why we're LABC Building Awards winners and why our homes have become so popular. But there's more to building a high quality home than meets the eye...

Set Apart by Quality

We care about details - that's why all our new homes are built with quality not only to impress but to last. Just like you, we know that quality is not always associated with today's new homes market. In this market, quality is all too often sacrificed for the sake of time and money, which unfortunately impacts on the people who spend the most time in these homes.

From the outset we wanted to be different, and believed we could make not only high quality homes but homes that were affordable too; a combination that seemed unattainable to many. To achieve this however, we had go back to the drawing board and ask "what needs changing and what needs to remain?" We found that too many old fashioned building methods were still being used, resulting in higher costs, slower turnaround times and a poorer final product. However on the flipside we found that the many traditional values were being scrapped for the sake of cost and time.

From the outset we wanted to be different, and believed we could make high quality homes that were also affordable.

We therefore made a decision to tear up the rulebook and rewrite it to include modern building methods such as timber frame construction as well as modern building materials such as advanced insulation. Not only does that affect the eco-friendly aspect of the home, but also living costs and the final quality and durability of the home. Take for example our interior wall studs, which are approximately twice the width of industry standard, providing better structural integrity and sound and heat insulation.

This focus on quality is not restricted to the structure of the home either, with focus being cast over every aspect of the home. Our bathroom suites are stocked with fixtures and fittings from leading brands such as Armitage Shanks, Twyford and Ideal Standard, and the entire home features high quality chrome ironmongery throughout. You can say goodbye to flimsy moulded doors and welcome solid wood pine and oak doors, complete with solid wood 6" skirting; perfect for the wear and tear of family life and adding that classy look and feel.

A common shortcut on new build homes, the use of low quality bricks can all too quickly decrease the overall kerb appeal of a property. Instead, we use high quality clay bricks and sandstone quoin heads to provide that touch of class and quality to our homes which begins before you even set a foot inside.

Thick Walls

Our interior walls are around twice the width of the industry standard, providing better heat insulation.

Oak Doors

We use oak internal doors in all our properties, ensuring a grand entrance to every room in the house.

Unmatched Insulation

Our advanced insulation methods include a 13-layer reflective insulation which provides additional thermal resistance to reduce the thickness of insulation and provide high performing, cost effective solutions.

Top Finishes

From authentic clay bricks, maintenance free renders and high quality paint, we do the finishing touches right.

Our Warranties

All severn view properties are covered by Global Home Warranties Structural Defects insurance which protects against any defects that may arise in your new home. It covers the potential cost of rebuild and/or remedy, and in most cases lasts for 10 years.

When combined with our overall focus on quality, you can be confident of a happy future in your new Enzo's Home.